Timbers Resorts

Website Design & Module System

Content modules were designed and developed to use within pages and sections of the website. This “flex” content library allowed the Timbers marketing team to easily add layouts, images and other content features without having to dig into the code. This allowed the content to be thoughtfully crafted for every page, helping drive engagement and goals.

Timbers Resorts specializes in the development and sales of luxury residence clubs, vacation homes, boutique hotels and resorts in the most amazing places around the globe. Developing a new website not only required the build of the main corporate site but the challenge of creating all “child” websites for every property within their real estate portfolio. To add to the challenge, all of the websites needed to run off of a shared database, reuse common functionality and customizable themes.

In order to adhere to each properties brand, a unique template system was created to allow sites to share the corporate brand but show unique character of the property itself. Modules for layout containers were designed and built to allow admins to curate meaningful and brand-centric content and story telling throughout each site. Built in Drupal, this complex project was based on customizable CSS styles, a custom re-useable module system and the ability to spin up more websites easily through the admin.