Hello, Arlington

Blog Entry for Travel & Luxury Agency Website
Work usually involves planned travel, but there are times where we hop into cars and hit the road. My recent trip was that and it was worth every mile. 


Arlington is a bustling city divided into urban villages. There's a ton of activities so make sure that you bring your walking shoes and your appetite. My visit was a quick one, so my inner-foodie took priority as far as places to go.
A visit to Liberty Tavern for a burger and a pint was a great place to start. Historic charm and excellent food and a great choice of suds.
The Green Pig is notorious for an epic brunch, so I put its reputation to the test of my taste buds. If you’re into food that’s simple, sustainable, and technically constructed this one is a must.
If you have a soft spot for greasy spoons, Marker 45 will win your culinary heart. Its shiny exterior is an authentic diner and the menu might have you in a tailspin of deciding. For me, I’ll judge any place by their pancakes and their fluffy giants did not disappoint. If you love beer, make sure you visit New District Brewing. Must drink: Summer in November (S.I.N.) and their Ginger Saison. Another alternative would to go the gastropub route and visit Heavy Seas Alehouse. They offer food and a great list of tempting suds.


Ditch your car. Like most urban cities, parking can get complicated. Metro is convenient and accessible within any block.


Don’t forget to stop and ask for directions. Part of the charm of the city lies in the people who live and work there. You’ll find new places to explore, stories and character the more friends you make.


I hadn't done much planning to the specifics of my trip, so I reached out to locals along the way. Arlingtonians poured out directions and were happy to share their favorite places. Washington D.C. offers tourists plenty of adventure, but don't discount Arlington as an equal rival in food and distractions. History, charm, and friendly spirit make this Potomac destination a great temporary home-away-from-home.